Devolver Digital has been fortunate enough to work with the world's best independent developers
on some of the most exquisite video games over the past five years.

During GDC 2014 we wanted to take some time to let the developers themselves openly speak on their experience with an evil, oppressive indie game label like Devolver Digital and offer their games to the masses at uncomfortably low prices.

Free Lives @Free_Lives

The Free Lives team was thrilled to partner with Devolver Digital on Broforce but we are not sure anyone at Devolver Digital has ever actually played the game. Every time we send them a new build they just email us back asking if we can make it more like Minecraft.

Evan Greenwood Studio Director

Vlambeer @vlambeer

Our collaboration so far has been great, although I am extremely confused as to how Devolver Digital got the rights to LUFTRAUSERS in the first place. I can't find any paperwork for it, nor do I remember signing anything.

Rami Ismail Chief Executive Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer

Flying Wild Hog

The Devolver Digital team seem pretty smart and savvy when you first meet them but then all they did was visit us in Poland to drink vodka and brainstorm Wang jokes. To be honest, we're not sure they are even a legitimate company.

Michal Szustak Flying Wild Hog Studio Director

DENNATON Games @dennaton

I wish we could be honest with what we really think of the people at Devolver Digital and the work they do... but a footnote in that damned contract prevents us from saying how much they suck.

Dennis Wedin Graphic Artist/Designer at Dennaton Games

CROTEAM @croteam

Their checks clear. Other than that they seem nice enough.

Roman Ribaric Croteam CEO

Mommy's Best Games @MommysBestGames

The money they send is stained with gnaar blood and smells like death, but it pays the bills all the same.

Nathan Fouts Mommy's Best Games

Deconstructeam @deconstructeam

We literally had to make a special difficulty setting so they could actually solve the puzzles in Gods Will Be Watching development builds. This isn't a joke...

Jordi de Paco Deconstructeam CEO


Vagabond Dog @VagabondDog

We started developing Always Sometimes Monsters with the intent to bring players a moving story that exposed the rawest parts of the human experience. Unfortunately due to Fork Parker's demands that we add interactive strip clubs, explosive car crashes, and poo jokes to the game, our goal has been somewhat undermined. Now we're just hoping it sells well enough so we can pay rent.

Justin Amirkhani Partner Vagabond Dog



Devolver Digital is going to publish my game about an obscenely cheerful clown so they can't be as bad as everyone says.

Jay Tholen Tendershoot Founder


Cryptic Sea @CrypticSea

Once you get past the sexual tension, they are some pretty decent dudes.

Alex Austin Cryptic Sea


Mediatonic @mediatonic

The UK team seems nice but the Americans are pretty much a group of inbred Texas yokels.

Paul Croft Mediatonic

Teknobabel @teknobabel

I met them on a bus and they signed my game from a bar so you can draw your own conclusions.

Chris Pavia Cube Roots

General Arcade @generalarcade

It sure woud be cool if they could get rights to the Blood license. Sigh.

Gennady Potapov General Arcade